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Have Fun With Paddle Boat In Goa

If you are looking for quality time with your friends, family or other half, then what better than Goa? Yes, it has been one of the best destinations for all to have the best time of their life. You can feel so relaxed and rejuvenated here that you can get back to home with some fresh energy to live with. Just like the trip to Goa is incomplete without Beaches and partying, it is also quite a miss if you do not take part in the water sports activities. Yes, we are here to help you with your need for adventure sports in Goa. You can let us know and we will organize it for you! Paddle boat in Goa is very much in demand and you must surely give it a shot at any cost.

International Safety Standards 2700+ Visitors Expert Instructors 2+ Years of Experience

Paddle Boat In Goa

Well, if you are looking to get more of the Arabian sea, then we will help you with it. Yes, there is nothing better than Paddle boat in Goa to give you the best of experience while having a lot of fun. Yes, you will be able to explore more of Arabian sea in a way like never before. Our instructors will always be there to guide you and make you understand how can it be done smoothly. You will be trained in a few minutes and your adventure will begin right away. So, if you want to experience one of the best water sports in Goa in the most exciting way, give us a call now!


Things You Must Take Care Of While Flyboarding

When you have been in the training sessions of the flyboarding there will be few things which will be asked to you to take care of. Yes, it is very important that you understand it properly and then experience the amazing flyboarding activity at its prime best. Take a look at the things which you need to consider before flyboarding:

Fly-board Weekend+ 12000/- per person


  • 10 minute sessions X 3 = 30 minutes

Fly-board beginner @ 3500/- per person


  • 15 minutes of fly boarding

Fly-board Intermediate @ 4500/- per person


  • 20 minutes of fly boarding

Fly-board Enthusiast @ 5000/- per person


  • 25 minutes of fly boarding

Fly-board Pro @6000/- per person


  • 30 minutes of fly boarding